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A Beginner's Guide to Spanish Wine Regions

Spain is a renowned wine-producing country, with a long history of viticulture. In fact, the first documented winery in Spain dates all the way back to the 5th century BC! Spain is currently the third largest producer of wine in the world, behind only France and Italy. And while Spanish wines may not be as well-known as their French or Italian counterparts, that doesn't mean they're any less delicious. There is a vast array of flavors and styles to explore from all over Spain. Here is a beginner's guide to some of the most popular Spanish wine regions.

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Ribera del Duero

Ribera del Duero is located in the north-central part of Spain and is one of the country's most celebrated wine regions. The region gets its name from the Duero River, which runs through it. Ribera del Duero wines are typically full-bodied red wines made from the Tempranillo grape. The climate in Ribera del Duero is continental, with hot summers and cold winters. This results in wines that are high in alcohol and have firm tannins. Some of the most popular producers from Ribera del Duero include Vega Sicilia, Alejandro Fernández, and Emilio Moro.

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Ribera del Duero winery Marta Maté

Another winery that is standing out in Ribera del Duero is Marta Maté, their wines have been rated with more than 90 points by the master of wine Tim Atkim, you can find some of their delicious wines such as El Holgazán or Marta Maté in our store.

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Rías Baixas

Rías Baixas is located in northwestern Spain, on the Atlantic coast. The region gets its name from the Rías Baixas (meaning "low estuaries"), which are a series of river valleys that empty into the ocean here. The climate in Rías Baixas is maritime, with cool temperatures and high humidity due to its proximity to the ocean. This results in refreshing white wines that are lower in alcohol than many other Spanish wines. The most popular grape here is Albariño; other grapes grown in Rías Baixas include Loureiro and Treixadura. Some of the most well-known producers from this region include Bodegas Martín Códax, Adega Condesa de Leza, and fillaboa Valdeorras.

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La Rioja

La Rioja is one of Spain's oldest and most famous wine regions. It is located in northeastern Spain, between the Ebro and Cantabrian rivers. The climate here is continental, with hot summers and cold winters (though not as extreme as in Ribera del Duero). The most popular grape variety here is Tempranillo, though Garnacha (aka Grenache), Graciano, Mazuelo, and Viura are also grown here. Wines from La Rioja are typically fruit-forward and easy-drinking. Some well-known producers from this region include CVNE, Murrieta's Well, Bodegas LAN Rioja Alta 904 Reserva 2004 , and Marqués de Murrieta Castillo Ygay Gran Reserva Espacial 2003 .

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Priorat is a small wine region located in northeastern Spain. Priorat wines are typically made from a blend of native Spanish grapes, including Garnacha and Carinena. Priorat wines tend to be very full-bodied and deeply colored, and they often have high alcohol content. Because of the poor soil conditions in Priorat, vineyards there produce very low yields, which contributes to the high price of these wines.

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Jumilla is known for its full-bodied red wines made from indigenous grape varieties like Monastrell (aka Mourvèdre) and Bobal. The climate in Jumilla is hot and arid, which helps the grapes reach optimal ripeness. The resulting wines are packed with flavor and of incredible quality.

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Jumilla winery Cerrón

A traditional family winery with a great environmental commitment producing high quality wines under organic and biodynamic methods. Its wines are the hidden jewel of Jumilla.


Alicante is one of Spain's oldest wine regions with a long and storied history. The climate is Mediterranean with hot, dry summers and mild winters. The soil is sandy and rich in minerals. The region produces a wide variety of wines, but is best known for its red wines made from the Monastrell grape. If you're looking for a delicious Spanish wine to add to your collection, Alicante is your wine region!

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Alicante Winery Pinoso

Bodegas Pinoso is one of the oldest wineries in Alicante and works with organic viticulture and its wines are modern but without forgetting tradition. These wines are carefully made with the best grapes.

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Spain produces some of the world's finest wines—wines that rival those of France or Italy but often get overlooked due to their lack of name recognition. However, Spanish wines should not be ignored; there are many delicious varieties to explore from all over this large country. If you're just getting started with Spanish wines, try looking for bottles from Ribera del Duero, Jumilla or Alicante—you won't be disappointed! Salud!

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