A cheese for each spanish wine pairing

A cheese for each spanish wine pairing

Most Spanish wines are intended to be drunk with food. And it is no secret that with Spanish gastronomy we could make many good pairings. But this time we are going to focus on one of the diamonds of Spanish gastronomy, cheeses. We are going to propose some wine and cheese pairings.

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Like wines, cheeses have a designation of origin. Let's take a little trip through the best wine and cheese appellations of origin. If you are wine and cheese lovers, read on and surprise your guests with the best Spanish wine and cheese pairings.

Best wine and cheese pairings

Although the cheese doesn't need to be perfect with every wine there are some good alternatives like Champagne, Pinot Grigio or Merlot. Cheeses vary from tart and tangy to sweet and creamy, so you need to select the right wine for you. Champagne is almost universally popular with cheese pairing because it is an acid-rich wine and contains neutral flavours. So the cheese is more accessible to the palate. The drinks are too salted and the food is too greasy. Pinot grigio is another white wine with distinctive pear, honeysuckle, apricot and green apple flavors.

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Goat cheese pairing with Sauvignon Blanc

This wine and cheese will transport you to the Spanish coast, Valencia, the birthplace of paellas, is also known for its wines and cheeses.

Sauvignon Blanc Vergel parmigiano reggiano

To start with these pairings, there is nothing better than a good white wine. Vergel white has aromas of ripe fruit (peach, apricot, guava), white flowers and spices (ginger, white pepper) and butter. Powerful, sweet and broad. An elegant wine, traditional and modern at the same time. Is a perfect blend of Airen and Sauvignon blanc.

Vergel White pairs perfectly with this cheese with acidic and sweet touches, but slightly salty cheeses, in which the taste of goat's milk is noticeable, but it is a soft cheeses.

Remordimiento washed rind cheeses

Cured goat cheese pairing with Red Blend

Remordimiento red is a perfectly blended wine that offers a dash of toasty and smoky flavors and is enhanced by nuances of balsamic and fruity aromas. Aged in oak barrels for 3 to 5 months, the end result is a strong wine, fresh, powerful and zesty. Smooth to the palate which presents a lengthy and pleasant after-taste.

Red wine dessert wine

This very special and carefully produced wine has the D.O. Jumilla, which belongs to the region of Murcia, located in the southeast of Spain.

Good cheeses is also produced in this region, which are great for pairing with red wines. Cured goats cheese are full flavor, very intense, with deep aroma and natural maturation. Creamy white in color, with a firm and crumbly texture, it is a hard cheeses.

Remordimiento Tinto and cured goat cheese will be the best match in your wine pairing.

Manchego Cheese pairing with Petit Verdot

We could say that this is the region par excellence of cured sheep cheese and its wines are not far behind in quality either.

Remordimiento washed rind cheeses

Dominio del Prior Petit Verdot, is clean, red garnet and with enough tear, stains the glass in a violet way. In the aromatic phase, it reminds us of black fruit and red berries to finish with leather and spices. In the mouth it presents a first attack on pure black fruit and grape, with small notes of licorice and a very polished tannins. It is a full bodied red wine and structure, persistent and long in the aftertaste.

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Manchego cheese is a pressed cheese made from sheep's milk from the Manchego breed, with a minimum maturity of 30 days. It has a slightly acidic, strong and tasty flavor, which becomes spicy in the varieties of very cured cheeses. As for its texture and elasticity, it is low, with a buttery sensation.

This cheese with a good glass of Dominio del Prior Petit Verdot is a delicacy of the gods.

Sheep cheese with rosemary pairing with Tempranillo

A red wine as special as Marta Maté deserves to be paired with a cheese that matches it. There are many cheese types but this one has the special flavor of rosemary mixed with the flavor of sheep's milk.

Red wine pinot noir

This red wine has an expressive and complex nose of flowers, minerals and black fruit harmonizing with subtle notes of figs and spices provided by the wood. Sweet attack in the mouth and pleasant acidity with velvety tactile sensations; eternal retro-nasal that makes identifying the vitality of this Ribera del Duero with a different touch.

Ribera del Duero D.O. is located in Castilla y León where they also make cheeses with a lot of personality that will be the perfect pairing for red wines with long barrel aging such as the red wine Marta Maté red.

If we start mixing cheese and wine the results in most cases will be extraordinary, both worlds are so great and so delicious that we could spend years pairing wines and cheeses.

In this article we only show a small part of the delicious pairings that we can do with the products of the Spanish regions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wine and Cheese Pairings

Do you have a choice of cheeses that can be used in charcuterie? The variety of different wines depends on the wine you have at hand. Please see our answer to many commonly asked questions about wines, cheeses and wine pairing.

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