All you need to know about Spanish white wines -

All you need to know about Spanish white wines

Spanish white wines are having a moment, and for good reason. These sophisticated yet approachable wines are perfect for everything from casual get-togethers to exquisite fine dining experiences. So whether you're a wine aficionado or just looking to branch out from your go-to varietals, read on for everything you need to know about Spanish white wines.

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How white wine is made?

The first step in making white wine is to harvest the grapes. This usually takes place in late summer or early fall and is done by hand or with the help of a machine called a harvester. Once the grapes have been harvested, they are crushed and pressed in order to extract the juice. The type of grapes used will determine the type of white wine that is produced; for example, Chardonnay grapes are used to make Chardonnay wine, while Sauvignon Blanc grapes are used to make Sauvignon Blanc wine.

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After the grape juice has been extracted, it is placed in tanks or barrels where it begins the fermentation process. During fermentation, yeast breaks down the sugars in the grape juice and turns them into alcohol. The length of time that fermentation takes will depend on the type of white wine being made; for instance, sparkling wines undergo a longer fermentation process than still wines.

Once fermentation is complete, the wine is then transferred to another tank or barrel for aging. During this process, the flavors and aromas of the wine develop and mature. Again, the length of time that aging takes will vary depending on the type of white wine; for example, most sparkling wines are aged for a shorter period of time than still wines. Finally, after aging, the white wine is bottled and ready to be enjoyed!

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Types of Spanish White Wines

There are many different types of Spanish white wines, but they can broadly be classified into four categories: floral whites, fruity whites, mineral whites, and aged whites. Floral whites are known for their delicate aromas of flowers and citrus fruits, while fruity whites are exactly what they sound like—juicy, fruit-forward wines with hints of honey. Mineral whites, on the other hand, are characterized by their salty taste and minerality (think: steely and dry), while aged whites have undergone extended aging in oak barrels, resulting in complex flavors and aromas.

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Popular Spanish White Wine Regions

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While Spanish wines come from all over the country, there are a few regions in particular that are known for producing high-quality white wines. The Rías Baixas region in northwest Spain is famous for its Albariño wines, which are well-rounded and pair perfectly with shellfish. The Penedès region south of Barcelona is known for its Cava sparkling wines—light, effervescent wines that make for delightful (and affordable!) dinner party fare. And last but not least is the Rioja region in northern Spain, home to some of the country's best Tempranillo-based red wines—but don't sleep on the whites! Rioja produces some fantastic white blends that are well worth seeking out.

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Jumilla White wine

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Remordimiento Chardonnay, it is a very special organic white wine from the Cerrón winery. Crystal-clear with a tone of straw colour yellow, this varietal white wine overflows with fruity aromas and intense toasty and smoky notes, characteristic of its fermentation in oak barrels. Smooth to the palate, this fresh and flavorful wine has reached flawless balance and equilibrium.

Pairs excellent with White meat, grilled fish, pasta, seafood and softs cheeses.

Alicante White wine

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Vergel white is a white blend of airen,  pale yellow with golden reflections. Aromas of ripe fruit (peach, apricot, guava), white flowers and spices (ginger, white pepper) and hint of butter. Powerful, sweet and broad. An elegant wine, traditional and modern at the same time.

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After several years of investigation about the wine style we have managed to complete our collection of Vergel wines. This wine is the result of an assembly of old Airén vines, cultivated in the traditional way in our best non- irrigated vineyards, and Sauvignon Blanc, of which yields were controlled to obtain maximum concentration and aromatic complexity. All our attention was dedicated to respecting the natural environment, using organic agriculture and hand picking during the cooler hours in the morning in order to preserve the grapes integrity and to limit the risks of oxidation.

Pairs with all types of fish, oysters, white meat, pasta, vegetables and salads.

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Ready to give Spanish white wines a try? We recommend starting with a Jumilla or a Alicante wine. Or if you're feeling adventurous, why not go for a Penedès white blend? No matter what you choose, we guarantee you'll be impressed by the quality and complexity of these under-the-radar vintages. Salud!

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