Best ways to enjoy a bottle of WINE! IMPORTANT TIPS! -

Best ways to enjoy a bottle of WINE! IMPORTANT TIPS!

It often takes us hours to decide which wine is right for a dinner with friends, a business meal, engagement gifts or simply to enjoy at home. Well, it is important to take your time to decide the ideal wine for each occasion, but it is also important to know the steps to follow for the enjoyment of wine at 100%.

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In this article we will detail the most important steps when enjoying a bottle of wine and achieve its maximum potential, with important tips when serving wine and how to preserve it.


 The first and one of the more important things before opening a bottle of wine is to make sure that has the right temperature.

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- Red wine should be serve cool between 53 - 69º F (15 - 21 ºC)

- White and Rosé wines should be serve cold between 44 - 57º F (10 - 15ºC)

- Sparkling wines should be serve between 38 to 45º F (5 - 10ºC)


The second thing that you need to have in mind is to use a proper glass, will make any wine taste better. Its true that depends of what kind of wine are you tasting is better use one specific type of glass.  

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Glasses for red wine

Generally, they are larger than those used for white wine, making it possible to submerge the nose in the bowl. They require a larger surface area to allow the wine to come into contact with the air, so the aromas and flavors become more complex.

Glasses for white wine

The classic one has a U-shaped bowl, it is straighter than the one used for red wine, since this way it can keep the temperature cool, which allows to appreciate the qualities of the wine and show its aromas.

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In the market you will find different types, depending on the grape variety, region and style. For example, the glass for more mature white wines will be straight and high with the purpose of distributing the wine on the sides and back of the tongue, this allows to taste bolder flavors.

Glasses for sparkling wine

They usually have an elongated flute shape that allows concentrating the bouquet, that is to say, the aroma of good quality wines, as well as accentuating a creamy texture on the palate, since the design of these glasses is specially designed to maintain the bubbles.

Glasses for sweet wine

Sweet wines are usually served with dessert, although there are different types there is an important rule in common: the wine should not be sweeter than the dessert. The glass is small in order to direct the liquid to the back of the mouth, so the sweetness will not overwhelm.

Generally, these wines have higher alcohol content, so a small glass is perfect for tasting a reduced portion.


the third thing is the ritual to open a bottle of wine. There are many types of corkscrews so you can choose the one that is easiest for you. The most popular is the waiter’s friend. After you choose your best corkscrew is time to open your bottle of wine, it takes about seven turns to insert the worm intro the best spot, although wine openers vary. 

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Ones you open your bottle of wine, you can start enjoying your wine. The first thing we should do when we take the glass is to move it so that the wine is oxygenated, and its aromas are released. Recalls the three main steps we saw in previous posts, when tasting a wine, sight, smell and taste. 


The most advisable thing is to consume the wine the same day that the bottle is opened and although the truth is that it is not rare to open a bottle of wine and that it is not finished at once. 



Well, if you don’t finish your bottle of wine in the same day, you must follow the next tips to keep your bottle of wine in the best conditions. Open bottle needs special conditions to maintain the properties of the wine and to be able to consume it later.

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When the cork is removed, oxygen enters the bottle and comes into contact with the wine. At this moment, the so-called "wine oxidation" process begins, which is nothing more than a chemical reaction, a transformation that causes the wine to lose its aroma, flavor and quality.

It is important that it is in a fresh and dry area of the house. The room temperature should not exceed 71,6º F (22 ºC). When they are already open it is better to keep them upright. This way, we reduce the contact of the air with the wine and avoid the oscillations of the bottle.

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To slow down this process, we must first of all put the cork back on the bottle. Even if there is already oxygen inside the bottle, this will prevent it from continuing to enter continuously. If you do not keep its own cork, there are specialized accessories such as stoppers that hermetically seal the bottle or vacuum pumps, which extract the air from the bottle, thus extending the life of the open wine much longer.

Secondly, it is best to keep the bottle of wine in the refrigerator, because as with food, the cold helps to preserve the wine and slow down its degradation. But remember that keeping the wine open in the refrigerator only slows down its degradation but does not stop its oxidation. As you know, wine should be kept at a constant temperature between 12 and 16ºC.


How long do wines last once the bottle is opened?

No more than 2 or 3 days with the cork, and if we have an air cleaner the wine will last a little longer. Sparkling wines deteriorate the fastest, while young red wines can last about a week. White wines, aged reds and rosés last between 3 and 5 days.

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What are you waiting for to be able to put all this advice into practice? 

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Start enjoying your favorite wines anywhere. Cheers!

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