Burger pairing with Spanish wine

Burger pairing with Spanish wine

The origin of the burger is somewhat unclear, but undoubtedly whenever we think of burgers we think of the United States, probably where there are better burgers.

Spanish wine regions

We have already talked about pairing a good wine with fast food, but is the burger fast food? Let’s say it depends on where you eat it or how you prepare it. We propose wine pairings to go with a gourmet burger.

Burger with Ribera del Duero wines

For a beef burger, there is nothing better than a good Spanish red wines. In Ribera del Duero, one of the best wine region, where you can find delicious Spanish red wines.

Depending on how you like your burger, we recommend one wine or another, let’s go!

Traditional Burger with Spanish Tempranillo

Red wines Ribera del Duero

We could say that the most traditional burger is composed of bread, cheese, meat, lettuce and tomato. It may seem simple but with good ingredients it is delicious.

This burger match perfect with a Tempranillo red wine, we commended you our delicious Tempranillo, El Holgazán. It has an intense aromas of red fruits and fruity taste. It is a balanced wine with medium body.

“Spanish Burger” with tinto fino Spanish wine

There is no such thing as a typical Spanish burger, but if there were it would be this one. Toasted bread with tomato sauce, beef, melted manchego cheese and some crispy jamon.

Ribera del Duero red wines

For this burger we have chosen another Tempranillo red wine, Marta Maté. With 14 months French oak barrels and full-body. Its taste is expressive and complex, with a sweet touch and velvety tactile sensations.

Extra Cheese Burger with Spanish red blend

For cheese lovers, what better than a burger with extra cheese? Imagine bread, meat, melted cheese, bacon and crispy cheese. Delicious! Accompanied by a Spanish red wine.

Best spanish wine regions

The perfect match with this burger is a red blend from Ribera del Duero region, Viñas del Lago. This wine has the perfect structure in the mouth with tasty fruit and spicy nuances that leave a soft memory. Highlight spices and a frank mineral aromas.

Veggie Burger with vegan Spanish wines

Bodegas Pinoso belongs to the wine region of Alicante, a denominación de origen of Spain’s wine. Located in the south east of Spain, not far from the east area of Castilla la Mancha. They produce a good quality wine, very approachable, light and aromatics. They are specialize in producing organic and vegan wines.

There are thousands of recipes and ingredients with which you can put together a good vegan burger. We propose 3 different burgers with 3 Spanish vegan wines that will not leave you indifferent.

Beyond Burger with a vegan red blend wine

Beyond meat is a plant based protein that is very similar in taste and texture to meat. It is delicious to make a good veggie burger.

vino de la tierra la rioja

Many people think that a vegan burger will be boring but they are wrong, you can make a delicious vegan burger with vegan cheese and vegan bacon and add tomato and lettuce.

This burger pairs perfectly with a vegan red blend wine, Vergel red. This wine is an oak wine, medium body, fruity, soft tannins and smooth finish.

This dishes will become one of your favorite if you are vegan, if you looking for a healthy lunch or if you want to try something different.

Legume Burger with rose vegan wine

These burgers are perfect to make at home if you feel like it, otherwise you can always buy them at the supermarket. These burgers are probably the healthiest, considering that their main ingredient is legumes, which will give you energy for the whole day.

Spanish wine regions red wines

The legume burger is perfect for pairing with a rose Spanish wine such as Vergel Rosé, organic and vegan. It is an expressive wine, aromas of strawberries, raspberries, melon which develop themselves in a range of exotic fruits.

Tofu Burger with white vegan wine

Spiced tofu for burger is one of the best options if you want a different burger. There are many vegan burger options but this one is undoubtedly the tastiest.

Gran Reserva red wines

The perfect pairing for this burger is a delicious Spanish white wine, Vergel White. It is a very elegant wine that blends innovation and tradition. In three words, this wine is powerful, sweet and broad.

Chicken burger with delicious Spanish wines

The delicious wines from Jumilla region, Spain have an incredible high quality wines, with unique flavor, balance and elegant finish. One of the best examples of that are the wines of Bodegas Cerron that been making wines from 1895, and producing biodynamic wines of the best quality.

Chicken burger with Spanish Chardonnay

A delicious grilled chicken burger with melted cheese, a delicious dish perfect to pair with a Spanish Chardonnay. Remordimiento white is our best suggestion when you have taste for a chicken burger.

White wines are the best when you think on chicken because of their nice acidity, their citrus flavor and smooth finish that clean your palate.

The Spanish Chardonnay is not a typical Spanish white wine, but it is very similar style as a Chardonnay from Burgundy. Remordimiento white is a medium body wine with delicious smoky and toaste flavors, mineral and elegant; perfect to pair with all kind of grilled chicken.

Denominación de origen spanish wine

Crispy Chicken burger with Spanish Merlot

A delicious grilled chicken burger with melted cheese, something so delicious can only be paired with a red soft wine.

El Tiempo que nos une Merlot, is a balance and smooth wine, with intense aroma of black fruit. It is light in body, with very well balance and smooth tannins what make it perfect to enjoy for a grilled chicken burger at your patio.

There are definitely many possible pairings with burgers. With red wines, white wines and rosé wines. If you have never tried a Spanish wine, now is the time, dare to make one of these delicious pairings.

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