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Drinking Spanish Rosé wine with Jackie Campbell at Salento Bistrot

Today we visit one of the best restaurants in Houston, Salento Bistrot, a restaurant where you can find European and American food. In addition to an extensive wine list, where undoubtedly the Spanish wines triumph.

We spoke with Salento Bistrot owner, Jackie Campbell to find out more about their wine list.

Jackie Campbell is the owner of Salento Bistrot, a cozy restaurant in the Rice Village neighborhood located 15 minutes away from downtown Houston.

Jackie Campbell was born in San Salvador, and she lived in many countries before coming to the US, countries like Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Spain. She lived in Barcelona, Spain for almost 6 years from the age of 21, where she studied industrial engineering and a MBA.

She came to Houston through a sponsorship in a consulting and finance company. Jackie is an independent, brave and enterprising woman. Her entrepreneurial character has always accompanied her, but it was not until she arrived in Houston that she decided to set up her own business. It was in 2006, when she created her own restaurant called Salento Bistrot.

Rose wine bottle

It is a concept of Mediterranean cuisine with a Latin influence, and of course, without forgetting wine, a product as relevant to Mediterranean culture, Salento has a wide variety of quality wines, mainly from countries such as Spain, Italy, France and California.

Nowadays, Salento Bistrot is one of the coolest restaurants in the Rice Village neighborhood in Houston, with live music several times a week. It has a very authentic European vibe, and a beautiful patio perfect to relax and enjoy a glass of wine with delicious tapas.

Salento Bistrot best seller Rose wine

Jackie tells us about one of the best seller wines in her restaurant, Vergel Rosé, a Spanish rosé wine, and describes it as "very crispy, organic and vegan".

Rosé wines

It is a very special wine, perfect for summer, because it is fruity and refreshing. This wine from the Alicante wine region is a 100% Monastrell, an autochthonous grape from Spain. For those who have never tasted this grape is the perfect moment.

"Refreshing and perfect for the summer of Houston" Jackie Campbell, Salento Bistrot owner.

Food and wine at Salento Bistrot

In this restaurant they have a very special menu, after traveling through Europe, visiting France, Italy and Spain, they have included typical dishes from these countries.

What dish would the restaurant manager recommend? Without a doubt Paella, one of the most typical dishes of Spain, perfect for pairing with one of the Spanish wines on the wine list.

rosé wines

Rosé wines Pairing

But back to the Best Seller, Vergel Rosé. This Spanish rosé wine pairs perfectly with many of the dishes at Salento Bistrot but some of the ones that Jackie recommends include "Salmon salad, mussels, paella or gambas al ajillo..."

grapes variety

Three Vergel wines

In this restaurant you can find the complete range of Vergel. They are a white, a rosé and a red wine. Three soft wines perfect for summer, so whatever your taste you will find a Vergel to your liking.

These wines are easy to drink, perfect to accompany Salento Bistrot dishes because they are light, very versatile and pleasant on the palate.

Rosado Price pink

The most special thing about Salento Bistrot's wine selection is that the owner is looking always for special wines, boutique wines that you can't find everywhere.

Salento Bistrot live music

Wednesdays are one of the most special nights of the week, there is live music to enjoy while you dine and enjoy a glass of wine.

rosés aromas discover style

Visiting this restaurant is an authentic experience, its food and wines make a perfect match that conquers everyone. If you have not yet tried the Spanish rosé wine, Vergel Rosé, don't wait any longer, it is delicious for all palates.

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