Getting to know Spanish wine from Jumilla Wine Region -

Getting to know Spanish wine from Jumilla Wine Region

The Jumilla PDO (wine region) is located in Spain, in the southeast corner of the province of Albacete and the north of the Region of Murcia, with the municipality of Jumilla, which gives its name to this Protected Designation of Origin.

Jumilla is one of the oldest Designations of Origin in Spain, with regulations since 1966. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the Oenological Station has been in operation and currently collaborates with the Control Board. The wine labels of D.O Jumilla is synonymous of quality.


Organically grown grapes


Finished wine

Currently the wines of the Jumilla Denomination of Origin are made with the most modern techniques, which together with the careful care of the grapes, makes Jumilla wines with an excellent quality. Jumilla D.O is an emerging and leading denomination within the national and international wine scene.

Wine aging

French Oak

The production and aging of Jumilla wines takes place in cellars located within the production area of the appellation, with the most modern facilities, with selection tables, inert materials, roller crushers, cooling equipment, pneumatic presses, etc., all with the aim of obtaining wines of the highest quality. Likewise, the aging cellars have constant and cool temperatures throughout the year, with adequate humidity and ventilation. The highest quality wines are used for aging, which are placed in the best oak barrels.

Types of wines

The wines of the Jumilla D.O. have the differentiating characteristic of being made from the Monastrell variety, which represents more than 80% of the cultivated area and which, with the modernization efforts of producers and winemakers, have earned the prestige and recognition of the Spanish and world wine world.

Jumilla Rosé Wines

Rosé Wine

Among these, rosé wines stand out: most of them obtained from the Monastrell variety, through short macerations between pulp and skins, exhibit pink, raspberry and cherry tones, with purple hues, fruity and elegant aromas, tasty and fresh on the palate.

Jumilla Red Wines

Spanish red wines

The red wines, dominated by the presence of the Monastrell grape, with a strong color, generally intense purple red with violet edges and very expressive and fruity on the nose (black fruits, ripe, plum, ...), with lively tannins in the mouth and with great structure.

As for the crianza red wines, apart from the well integrated wood, they are tasty, fleshy and of great aromatic complexity. Sweet, natural and liqueur aromas, bright and dense wines, of great color intensity, with aromas of ripe fruits (raisins, figs.....) they have a good tactile sensations and very persistent in the mouth, a traditional wines of the area and of undeniable quality.

Bodega Cerrón

Having already a broad context about the Jumilla D.O. and knowing its terroirs and wines, we can highlight a specific winery, Bodega Cerrón. It is four generation winemakers that is committed to making biodynamic and organic wines of extreme quality.

Spanish wine

Wines of Bodegas Cerron

The wines of Bodega Cerrón are made using organic grapes from their single estate vineyards in the village of Fuente Alamo in the south-east of Spain. They follow organic practices and the best techniques to obtain the best quality wines as possible.

Their passion for the wine industry pushes them to create high quality wines using the biodynamic process, in order to achieve unique wines in flavor and style.

Most wines of Bodegas Cerrón are Spanish red wine, full bodied and with the Monastrell as a predominant grape. They use others grapes variety such a Petit Verdot, Merlot, Cencibel, Airen and Syrah. If you have never tasted a glass of one of their wines, it is time to try it.

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Although most of their wines are reds, we cannot forget their white variety, especially their white wine Chardonnay. A beautiful wine with golden color, smoky and toaste flavors. One of this organic wine Chardonnay that you won't forget.

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