The perfect pairing for white wine -

The perfect pairing for white wine

It's summertime and what we are most looking forward to are light drinks and light meals, and no doubt enjoying with friends and family.

Today we bring you the best pairing to enjoy the summer and friends. White wine is always appetizing, especially a light and fruity white wine.

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When we talk about pairing, we refer to the pleasant combination between dishes and wines. The objective is clear: to highlight and emphasize the organoleptic qualities of both products, in a harmonious, assembled way. Their gear should not "cover" or overshadow their characteristics, but give the best of themselves, as a way of understanding.

Marriage is the root of the term that favors the gastronomic union. The good news is that there are eternal couples that will never divorce, because they fit perfectly. In search of this union, combination or ideal partner, we propose a pairing that will be your favorite of the summer.

White wine sauvignon blanc

White wines, White Vergel (Airen and Sauvignon Blanc)

A white blend with 85% Airen and 15% Sauvignon blanc. The Airen grape it is indigenous from Spain, with low acidity and body, very common grape to enjoy in Spain in summer time but the perfection comes when it is blending with a grape like a Sauvignon blanc with high acidity, crisp and aromatic, making this wine very approachable to many wine lovers.

Types of white wine pinot noir

This wine stands out for this pale yellow with golden reflections. A special aromas of ripe fruit (peach, apricot, guava), white flowers and spices (ginger, white pepper) and hint of butter. On the palate it is powerful, sweet and broad.

An elegant wine, the traditional Spanish grape with the modern Sauvignon blanc, a unique wine that conquers the most discerning palates, perfect to drink on its own but incredible to pair with the right food.

Chenin blanc red wine

The land where they grow their grapes is located in one of the best areas in the world for its cultivation. Its soils, located at an altitude of 600 m, are limestone and poor in organic matter, limiting the vigor of the vines and subjecting them to water stress, which results in structured wines with intense color and great aromatic potential.

The continental climate, softened by the proximity of the Mediterranean Sea, is characterized by low rainfall and high sunshine, making its wines special and unique.

Pairing white wine with Yellowfin Tuna Tartare

The yellowfin tuna tartare is a delicious dish that you can find at Brasserie 19 in Houston, one of the more fancy restaurants in River Oaks Shopping Center in Houston. The ingredients are avocado, watermelon, lemon aioli, and charred jalapeño, water and of course the raw tuna.

Traditionally tartare is prepared with beef, however, using fish like tuna to this dish has become extremely popular and makes this dish appealing to a larger group of people.


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A delicate dish like Yellowfin tuna tartare needs a delicate and light white wine like our Vergel White, a wine with the best expression and aromas that stand out in this pairing, making this match a perfect one. Others grapes like sauvignon blanc, pinot grigio, light chardonnay or even Champagne, would be also a good option to pair this dish.

Vergel white is crisp, light in body but powerful in tropical and citrus fruit that match perfectly with the lemon, avocado and watermelon flavors that we get in this dish. A wine of medium acidity and good minerality that makes it go very well with this dish as it helps to cleanse the mouth and finish each bite with a smooth and pleasant finish.

fortified wine pinot gris

This wine comes from the Levantine coast in Spain, and has a great expression of the Mediterranean climate. It goes perfectly with any type of fish, shellfish, tuna and salads, as it will provide the dish with the desired balance and a freshness on the palate, ideal for a dish that it is enjoyed very regularly in summer.

napa valley best white wines

The effect that our pairing should have when tasting the food is to harmonize its flavor with the memory of the wine. In such a way that it gently leaves in our mouth the taste of the food, perfected by the delicate notes of the wine. This is how we will achieve a perfect pairing.

A good pairing is important to fully enjoy the combination, the wine and the food must fit perfectly, such as the Vergel White and Yellowfin Tuna Tartare.

If, like us, you are a lover of food and good wine, try this pairing and don't hesitate to tell us about your experience. Let's pair!

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