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Have you ever heard of Old World wines and New World wines? Do you know what the difference is between them?

This is a very interesting subject and it is not a question of putting the wines of one world in competition with those of the other, both have exceptional wines but they are certainly different.

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Old World wines

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These are the wines produced in Europe and are characterized by its elaboration based on traditional practices, handed down for generations. The years of experience of this territory also influences the denomination of these wines.

It should be noted that wines produced in Europe are subject to very strict laws, regulations and standards (always in order to guarantee quality). Taking into account that the wines that want to obtain the D.O.C. label must strictly follow the different regulations and this is not always good because they are quite restrictive.

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Another important factor is climate; in the Old World, where conditions are cooler and maturation levels are lower, the resulting wines are naturally more acidic, contain lower average alcohol levels and a lighter body.

Here are a few things you might notice:

*The old world wine is likely to be lighter in color than the new world wine.

*The old world wine will have lower alcohol levels and higher acidity than the new world wine.

*The old world wine will likely taste more earthy and mineral-driven, while the new world wine will tastes fruitier.

*The oldworld wine will have subtle flavors, while the new worldwine will have bolder flavors.

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New World wines

The countries that belong to this New World in terms of wine are the rest of the wine world, including countries such as Argentina, Australia, South Africa, United States, Chile, New Zealand, Mexico, Chile…

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In terms of winemaking regulations, New World wines have it much easier. They do not have such strict regulations, which gives them the freedom to innovate more. They are constantly experimenting with different varieties in different vineyards and in different wine regions.

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In respect to climate, these are warm areas with temperatures higher than the average of the world’s production areas. In this way they achieve higher levels of ripeness, which affects acidity, alcohol and body. Ripe fruit aromas, great body and high alcohol content are the ingredients for wines based on power and fruitiness.

And the best thing about the existence old world wines and new world wines is that we can opt for more variety of different wines, that every wine lover would love to taste and enjoy learning about new regions, grapes and winemaking methods.

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Buy Spanish wine Online

Do you want to start by tasting some old world wine? Well, here are some Spanish wines that will make you fall in love with them.

Tempranillo red wine: Primordium

Looking for a truly unique wine experience? Look no further than Primordium. This high-layer wine is a beautiful cherry red color, with a deep garnet hue that is almost black. Despite its age, the wine has not lost any of its intensity.










On the nose, you'll get intense aromas of black fruit, blue flowers, and incense. You'll also catch hints of slightly toasted oak, star anise, lavender, and licorice. The dark chocolate notes will merge into a complex sensation that you won't soon forget.

ribera del duero red wine region aged

On the palate, this wine is long and delicious, with a sweet attack that gives way to dry, powerful tannins. The acidity is well balanced, making for a full-bodied wine that leaves a warm sensation in your mouth. It's an elegant and complex wine that is sure to please even the most discerning palate.

Primordium gets its name from being the "first one" created by Cesar Maté for his wonderful Ribera del Duero project. This makes it a truly special wine that is definitely worth seeking out. So don't wait any longer - order your bottle (or bottles!) of Primordium today! There are only few bottles per year.

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Red Blend: El Sentido de la Vida

What is the meaning of life?

It's a question that has been asked throughout history, but it's one that we may never truly know the answer to. However, we can enjoy trying to find out with El Sentido de la Vida. This wine represents part of the coldest and calcareous plots in the village of Fuente-Álamo in Jumilla region with northern exposures.

The name of this wine translates to "the meaning of life," so sit back, relax, and enjoy a glass (or two) as you ponder the big questions.

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