Round Table, the most special wines of Catalonia -

Round Table, the most special wines of Catalonia

Catalonia is a fascinating Spanish province where many of the best-known Spanish wines are produced. Penedès is the most important grape-growing area in Catalonia. It is one of the most ancient wine producers in Europe and traces of the early viticulture date to the 6th century BC. The varied landscape makes it ideal for the various grape varieties. Its current reputation is as one of the top avantgardist wines from across the country.

A fully Mediterranean climate in the part bordering the beach coexists with a more continental microclimate on the inland side. The 'Cordillera Litoral' slows the winds and condenses the humidity of the sea.

The Catalonia wine region reflects the history and tradition of viticulture in Catalonia. It encompasses a wide range of native and traditional varieties in an appellation that brings together a large part of the vine-growing areas of Catalonia. In total, it includes 330 municipalities that overlap with the other ten appellations of origin, plus the DO Cava, although the number of registered hectares is smaller.

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Wines of Catalonia

The Catalonia wine region lies in the south of the eastern Pyrenees. Nearly 700 km of coastline is located here. The Catalonian wine region has several subregions that divide the main region and those are also appellate, namely Costers del Segrer, Emporda. Its own area also has a name - Catalonia - dot.

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Among the most typical and popular wines on the region are Cava fresh style champagne, white and dry red wines. The grapes in this region include Parellada Macabeo, Xarel-lo, which can be used in Cava and white wines. Garnacha Monastrell and Tempranillo are used for red wines.

Priorate wine is defined by the native grapes which thrive in the infertile soils and impart mineral qualities. Some of the older vines produce a low yield which increases the intensity of wines.

The wine production in Catalonia region still white, rosé and red wines, in their young or aged versions (Roble, Barrica, Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva). Also sparkling wines and liquor wines.

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Gastronomical specialties of Catalonia

Catalonia's food and gastronomic culture is widely recognized worldwide as the best source of inspiration. Recent trends in experimental gastronomical cooking have sparked global attention in this region. Nevertheless, Catalonia is an essential place to visit in order to satisfy food lovers. It is situated along the Mediterranean coast which gives the company an extensive selection of food products with creative results. Due to the geographical location of Catalonia at a coastline, the seafood dish is impressive and vegetables like tomatoes are abundant.

Round Table Catalan wine regions

Round Table is an entrepreneurial and independent project  founded in 2019 in Catalonia, Spain. It is a different wine that proposes an experience, beyond a good product. It is a wine aimed at a public that wants to share and have a good time with  wine, with a very unique labels that gives a lot of play.

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They vindicate the social role of wine, to have a good time and have good conversations, so it is not necessary  to be an expert to enjoy it. Following this philosophy, each bottle contains a random topic of conversation, which is discovered by scratching the label. Weird dreams, hobbies or open couples are some of them. The topics are proposed  and voted by the community on Instagram, and change every year.

White wine Catalonia Region

Round Table white is a Spanish wine made mostly from grapes Gewürztraminer, of the wine region Penedès.

Sparkling wine

It is a young wine without aging, whit clean and aromatic, with white fruit dominance, very floral. Dry in  the mouth, with balanced acidity and round. A fresh and perfumed wine.

This wine pairs excellent with pasta, seafood, Asian cuisine, spicy, Peruvian  food, salads, appetizers, cheese and foie gras.

Sparkling wine

Cultivation of gewürztraminer, white grapes, in the highest and coldest area of the Penedès (800 m) to favor its acidity and aromas. Harvested at the optimum ripening point to avoid excess alcohol or residual sugar. Cold maceration to obtain the maximum extraction of aromas. Gentle pressing to obtain the free-run juice and temperature-controlled fermentation.

Red wine Catalonia Region

Round Table Red is a Spanish wine with the perfect blend between Mazuelo and Garnacha, make in the wine region of Montsant, Catalonia, Spain.

It's a young wine without aging. High intensity of red fruits red fruits. Smooth entry, with an easy  tannin, structured and elegant. A very sweet wine.

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Pairs excellent with pasta, pizza, sausages, vegetables, white and red  meats, blue fish, cured cheeses.

Partial carbonic maceration of 50% of the Grenache. This is carried out in two phases. In the first, the grape bunches, whole and without determming, which have been harvested by hand, ferment in tanks at a controlled temperature of 30 degrees and in the absence of oxygen. In a second phase, the fermentation is completed by bleeding from the tanks and crushing of the solid parts. This type of fermentation enhances the fruity aromas of the wine and reduces its tannin content.

Catalan wine region is terra alta

The Round Table Experience

Catalonia wine have an incredible taste and quality. But the Round Table experience doesn't talk about wine.

Wine is the perfect excuse to gather at a table with your friends and spend some time enjoying and talking about the best topics you can imagine.

Round table is much more than a wine, it is a whole experience: uncork the bottle, scratch the label and start enjoying.

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Round Table wine tastings are also a very fun experience where besides tasting the wonderful wines you will spend an incredible time with the other participants of the tasting and with us.

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