Sangria in Spain culture & tradition -

Sangria in Spain culture & tradition

Spanish Sangria recipe is something that has been in Spanish culture for so long that we cannot determine its origin exactly. The authentic Spanish Sangria recipe is a tradition in Spain, it is mainly made with red wine. Some people think it contains orange juice or lemon juice but it does not, only contains pieces of fruit that add flavor to the cocktail.

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Here we tell you more about Sangria so you can prepare a pitcher of Sangria whenever you want something fresh, sweet and delicious.

We will tell you, what is Sangria, where Sangria is from, a traditional Spanish Sangria recipe and its ingredients. Also when Spaniards usually drink Sangria. Here we go!

What is Sangria?

Sangria is an alcoholic beverage from Andalusia, Spain. It can be made with red or white wines and even sparkling wines such as Cava. To make Sangria mix the chosen wine, soda, fruits and sugar and you have your delicious Sangria cocktail ready. This cocktail is widely popular in Spain, Italy, Portugal and the South America.

Traditional spanish sangria recipe

In some regions of Spain where it is typical make red Sangria, spices such as cinnamon or clove are often added in this beverage. Sangria should be always a great options for all your summer events!

Where is Sangria from?

Sangrias are Spanish in fact. This word is derived from “sangre”, because of the color in the drink. The story behind Sangria can be quite straightforward: as Romans occupied Iberian Peninsula in the 2,000s, it planted grapes to produce wine. At that time water could no longer safely be drunk and was usually fortified in alcoholic drinks. The first Sangria was the result of such practices, and was probably mixed with wine, water, herbs, and spices. Anything that would help their drinks taste a little more good!

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Spaniards have been making Spanish Sangria for centuries and each autonomous community has its own recipe, even each person.

Each of these recipes are traditional, although they vary in specific ingredients, but they all follow a common base that is red wine, sugar and pieces of fruit, usually citrus, to make red sangria and the traditional Spanish Sangria.

How to make traditional Spanish Sangria: step by step

As we have said before, there are an infinite number of Sangria recipes, but undoubtedly the main ingredient of the traditional Spanish Sangria is red wine.

Which red wine to choose? It is somewhat complicated, we recommend a young wine, without much body or fruity flavor. Bearing in mind that our Sangria will be a light and very sweet drink. Perfect for the summer.

make white sangria

It’s easy to make the authentic Spanish sangria! You will only need red wine, soda, sugar and fruits, preferably lemons and oranges.

Tradicional Spanish Sangria step by step:

Step 1: Mix the wine and sugar in a large pitcher until completely integrated.

Step 2: Cut the oranges and lemons into wedges and add them to the wine. We can also optionally add cinnamon stick and cloves. Stir again all the ingredients to mix the flavors of the Sangria.

white sangria recipe

Step 3: Add the soda and stir again for a few seconds. Then, place the jar in the refrigerator and let it macerate for at least 4 hours, so that all the flavors mix well. After that time, remove the pitcher from the fridge and serve immediately to enjoy our pitcher of Sangria chilled.

Step 4: To drink it in the best temperature always, the spaniards drink it with ice cubes, but do not put the ice cubes directing to the jar of Sangria, you should put the ice cubes on your glass before pouring the Sangria. Now you ready to enjoy this delicious beverage!

Spanish Sangria brandy history

This cocktail is sweet and easy to drink, so keep in mind that it contains alcohol and drink in moderation. It is also a carbonated beverage because of the soda, you can use lemon soda also but in Spain it is less typical. Some people instead like to add a bit of brandy to this recipe to make a strong flavor and higher alcohol.

Spanish Sangria recipe

There are hundreds of Spanish Sangria recipes, some more traditional like the one we have left above and others much more innovative. What is clear is that it all depends on the Sangria ingredients you want to use, instead of traditional red wine you can use a sweet white wine, a rosé or even dare with a sparkling wine, we have to say that a good sangria made with Cava is delicious too.

Another thing to take into account is the fruit that we will choose for our Spanish Sangria, the most traditional fruits in Spain are orange and lemon that bring a citric touch to our Sangria, but it is also very common to serve it with pear and apple. Would you like to be more innovative? In that case, we suggest you to add some mango or strawberries that will give to you Sangria a different and delicious touch.

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If you have never tried Sangria before, we recommend that you try a traditional Sangria, but if you are already a big Sangria fan and have not yet tried it with white, rosé or sparkling wines, what are you waiting for?

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All Sangria recipes are delicious and even more so if paired with some delicious food on a hot day. In Spain and other countries you can also find in restaurants these more modern Sangrias style that made with different types of wines.

When do Spaniards drink Sangria?

Spanish Sangria is always a good option, but to tell the truth in Spain Sangria is consumed mainly in spring and summer, when the heat begins. Sitting in a patio in the sun with friends and enjoying a Sangria is something we all like. Sangria is also usually drunk at outdoor local festivities, where Sangria is made in a very large container so that all the people of the town can drink delicious Sangria and enjoy live music.

Sangria recipe peaches

One of the best things about summer is to make a lot of Sangria, Paella or other typical Spanish food to go with a cold Sangria and enjoy a good time with family and friends.

For your next party with friends or family do not hesitate to prepare your own sangria, you will have fun preparing it and much more enjoying it cold with the best company.

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