Sipping the Spanish Sunshine with Organic Wine

Sipping the Spanish Sunshine with Organic Wine

Spanish organic wine is one of the best-kept secrets in the world of fine wines. With its rich and complex flavors, this type of wine has become a favorite among many oenophiles, who appreciate the freshness of organic grapes grown in Spain’s sunny climate. Let’s take a closer look at why Spanish organic wine is so popular.

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The Benefits of Organic Grapes

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Organic farming is becoming ever more popular as consumers become increasingly conscious of what they put into their bodies. Organic grapes are grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides and therefore tend to have a much fresher flavor than their non-organic counterparts. The sunnier climate in Spain also helps to draw out vibrant flavors and aromas that can be found in no other type of grape.

Organic Wines for Every Occasion

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Organic wines come in many varieties – reds, whites, rosés, sparkling, sweet and dry – making them perfect for any occasion. Whether you are looking for a light white to sip on a warm summer day or something more robust to pair with a meal, there will be an organic Spanish wine to suit your needs. Plus, they tend to be much less expensive than some other types of fine wines – so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank when enjoying them!

The Rich History Behind Spanish Organic Wines

Spain has been producing wines since ancient times and has developed some unique techniques over the years that help make its wines distinct from those produced elsewhere in Europe. For example, many winemakers still use clay amphorae called tinajas for fermentation; these vessels help give the wine an earthy flavor that is unique to Spain’s winemaking culture. Additionally, most wineries in Spain still use old-school barrels for aging which gives their wines an added complexity and depth of flavor that can only come from tradition.

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Certified organic wineries

In Tasters we are experts in finding wineries with certified organic wines, wineries committed to the environment, with quality wines.

Jumilla Organic Wines

Bodegas Cerrón is one of the first wineries to start producing organic wines in the D.O. Currently their wines are not only organic but also biodynamic. They have a great concern for the environment and dedicate all their time to produce quality sustainable organic and biodynamic.

White Organic Wine

The Chardonnay from this winery, besides being more organic and biodynamic, is delicious you will love it for sure.

It is aged 5 – 6 months on lees in French and Hungarian oak casks. This varietal white wine  overflows with fruity aromas and intense toasty and smoky notes,  characteristic of its fermentation in oak barrels. Smooth to the palate, this  fresh and flavorful wine has reached flawless balance and equilibrium.

Remordimiento White is the perfect pair for white meat, such us roast chicken, grilled fish, pasta, seafood and softs cheeses.

Organic practices make delicious wine

If you are looking for a organic white wine, with body and powerful flavor, this wine will not leave you indifferent.

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Red Organic Wine

El Sentido de la Vida is a red blend of Monastrell and Garnacha, with 7 months in French oak barrels.

With intense aromas of berry and ripe red fruit, coupled with mineral and toasty flavors, characteristic of its  fermentation in oak barrels. “The meaning of life” (El Sentido de la Vida) is a wine with finesse that  has reached the art of balance and harmony, indicative of its name. Smooth  to the palate, the taste of this wine presents great concentration and an  excellent persistence.

This wine pair excellent with roasted and spicy dishes, red meats,  stews and all types of cheeses.

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Organic Wines from Alicante

Bodegas Pinoso was set up as a cooperative in 1932 and  the work carried out in the vineyards faithfully respects the wine traditions of our  wine producers.

The coming together and effort put in by the founding  members of Bodegas Pinoso meant that the winery quickly  became renowned for the quality of its wines. At the end of  the 90’s the winery began to rethink its quality policy by  designating the first areas of the winery land to be used for  certified ecological vineyard plots. Nowadays, 50% of their vineyards are organic.

Rosé Organic Wine

This Vergel Rosé, is a Monastrell with an expressive aromas of  strawberries, raspberries, melon which develop themselves in a range of  exotic fruits. Mild, fresh, elegant and tasty with a long and pleasant finish.

Perfect for pairing white meats, fish, salads and seafood.

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White Organic Wine

This white wine have pale yellow with golden reflections. Aromas of ripe fruit (peach, apricot, guava),  white flowers and spices (ginger, white pepper) and hint of butter. Powerful,  sweet and broad. An elegant wine, traditional and modern at the same time.

Vergel White pairs with all types of fish, oysters, white meat, pasta, vegetables and salads.

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Red Organic Wine

Vergel Red is a red blend with a brilliant violet border clean and  of a medium intensity. Very fruity with notes of red and black fruits mixed with  sweet aromas of flowers. Round, warm, easy to drink with a good final and  pleasant aftertaste.

Pairs excellent with white and red meats, grilled fish, cheeses and vegetables.

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If you are looking for a delicious way to explore Spain’s rich winemaking history while also being mindful of what goes into your body, then look no further than Spanish organic wines! These flavorful beverages offer something special that cannot be found anywhere else – freshness from organically grown grapes combined with centuries-old techniques crafted by master vintners who know how to bring out the best flavors from each bottle! So grab yourself a glass (or two) and get ready to enjoy some truly unique sips fit for any occasion! Cheers!

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