Spain's Best Kept Secret: The Penedès Wine Region

Spain's Best Kept Secret: The Penedès Wine Region

When it comes to Spanish wine, most people immediately think of Rioja. And while Rioja is indeed one of Spain's most well-known and beloved wine regions, it's not the only great wine area the country has to offer. In fact, just an hour south of Barcelona lies the Penedès spain region, which is home to some of Spain's best sparkling wines.

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A Brief History of Penedes Wine

The Penedes region has been making wine for over 2,000 years. In fact, it was the Ancient Romans who first began planting vines in the area and producing wines. However, it wasn't until the 18th century that the region began to specialize in sparkling wines. This was thanks to a few key events, including the outbreak of phylloxera in France (which devastated many of that country's vineyards) and the invention of Champagne's now-famous méthode champenoise.

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With French Champagne suddenly in short supply, demand for Spanish sparkling wine began to increase—and the Penedes region was quick to step up and meet that demand. Since then, the region has become known for producing high-quality sparkling wines made using traditional methods. In fact, many of Spain's top sparkling wines come from the Penedes region.

The Different Styles of Penedes Wine

While the Penedes region is best known for its sparkling wines, it also produces a wide variety of still wines, both red and white. The most common grape varieties planted in the region include macabeo, parellada, xarel·lo, chardonnay, garnacha blanca, and monastrell.

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Penedes sparklers are typically dry or off-dry (that is, slightly sweet), with moderate acidity and medium to full body. They are often aged for several years before being released on the market and can be enjoyed on their own or with food. Meanwhile, still reds from Penedes tend to be fruity and easy-drinking, while still whites are usually fresh and light.

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The most special wine of Penedes wine region

White Spanish wine from Penedes

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It's a white blend from Penedès with Gewürztraminer. It's clean and fresh, with dominance of white fruit aromas of white fruit, very floral. Dry in the mouth, with a balanced and round acidity. A fresh and perfumed.

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