Spanish wine pairing with American food

Spanish wine pairing with American food

We usually try to pair Spanish wine with Spanish food. But why not pair Spanish wine with American food? The key to the best pairings is blending, innovation and trusting your good taste.

Wines to pair with Cajun Cuisine

Here we bring you 5 delicious pairings with Spanish wine and American food that will surely surprise you. Discover the delicious blends that we can build between American gastronomy and Spanish wines.

The first three dishes are typical of the Cajun Cuisine, traditional from the state of Louisiana, known for its spicy notes and heartiness.

Remordimiento Chardonnay and Crawfish Étouffée

Our Remordimiento white is a beautiful Spanish Chardonnay crystal-clear with a tone of straw color yellow, this white varietal wine overflows with fruity aromas and intense toasty and smoky notes, characteristic of its fermentation in oak barrels. Smooth to the palate, this fresh and flavorful wine has reached flawless balance and equilibrium.

Red wine and sparkling wine

This Spanish wine pair excellent with seafood, so a dishes of Crawfish Étouffée would be perfect for you to enjoy a good meal with delicious aromas and flavors.

Crawfish étouffée is a simple dish of sweet and meaty crawfish served up in a rich and flavorful gravy that is made from a quick roux. The dish includes the Cajun holy trinity of onions, bell peppers and celery, along with lots of garlic, spicy Cajun seasonings, and fresh chopped herbs.

Wine pairing

White Vergel and Jambalaya

White Vergel is the perfect blend between Airen grape and Sauvignon blanc grape. With aromas of ripe fruit (peach, apricot, guava), white flowers and spices (ginger, white pepper) and hint of butter. Powerful, sweet and broad. An elegant wine, traditional and modern at the same time.

Valencia wine region

The perfect food pairing for this type of white wines are non-spicy foods, so if you are one of those people who love to try new food but can’t stand spicy food, this pairing is for you. If you’d like to make a mild jambalaya, don’t add any cayenne pepper or other hot spices, and make sure any sausage you use isn’t a spicy variety. Food and wine always is a good idea but if you taste White Vergel and mild Jambalaya together it will be like stepping into paradise.

White wine

This delicious dish that in its beginnings could be considered a creative interpretation of the traditional Valencian paella, with the increasing influence of French-speaking groups in New Orleans, Caribbean spices were introduced into the recipe, moving it away from its Spanish ties and transforming it into a dish of its own. That with rice as the main ingredient an infinite number of versions can be cooked, many say as many as there are homes in Louisiana.

Cristatus Tempranillo and Gumbo

Cristatus Spanish wines Tempranillo brilliant red ruby with an intense violet border. In nose has an intensive fresh red fruits with a spice touch and herbs that you feel it in the background. It is fresh, with a great acidity, persistent and well-balanced tannins. Easy to drink and in the aftertaste has a medium body.

Wine and food dishes

This classic red wine pairing with Gumbo famous Cajun dish. This very special dish that arises from the mixture of different cultures takes the form of a soup or stew and can be made with a variety of meats or fish.

This dish is usually prepared in large quantities due to the preparation time required. So it is perfect for large celebrations with family and friends, in these cases a Tempranillo grape wine never fails.

Olive oil

Primordium and Barbecue ribs

Primordium Tempranillo it is very high layer wine of cherry red color. Very intense  aromas of black fruit, blue flowers, incense and subtle  cocoa. Also appearing star anise, lavender and licorice.  Long and tasty mouth with a sweet attack, controlled  volume and soft and elegant tactile sensations with a long  memory.

Tempranillo is one of the most recognized grapes in Spain and this particular wine comes from the famous DO Ribera del Duero, synonymous with quality.

Tapas like Barbacue ribs red wines

Red wines of Spain used to pair perfect with roasted meal, serrano Spanish ham, lamb and grilled meat so a red Spanish wine will be always perfect match to Barbecue ribs.

The barbecued ribs can be one of the favorite dishes at a barbecue and also if you choose well with what to accompany it can be the star of the party.

Vergel Rosé and Mac&Cheese

Vergel Rosé is a Spanish wine translucent pink with blue and purplish hints. Expressive,  aromas of strawberries, raspberries, melon which develop themselves in a range of exotic fruits. Mild, fresh, elegant  and tasty with a long and pleasant finish.

Rosé wine

Spanish food like tapas it could be the perfect pairing for this rosé wine, but you will be impressed if you try it with a delicious Mac&Cheese. The high acidity of this wine pairs perfectly with the fatty cheese of this dish, making it a great combination with nice pleasure in mouth.

For cheese lovers this will be their perfect pairing. There are as many possibilities to make a good Mac&Cheese as there are cheeses in the world. And the rose Vergel will be its ideal partner.

Spanish food and wine

Mixing two cultures through gastronomy is always a great idea. We will always be surprised by the new flavors that we can find in a dish that we have cooked and eaten so many times when we do it with a new wine. These pairings will make you rediscover typical dishes, as well as some delicious Spanish wines that you will surely repeat after tasting them!

If you are a wine lover and foodie lover you should try all these incredible pairings that you propose you, and don’t forget to let us know which one was your favorite. If you would like to continue learning more about Spanish wines, pairings and great tips don’t miss out any article of our blogs. Also, you can find more information in our social networks Instagram and Facebook.

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