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Tempranillo food pairing

The Tempranillo grape is one of the best known Spanish grapes in the world. This grape, also popularly known as the grape of a thousand wines, is present in 28 of Spain's 54 designations of origin and is the main grape of some of the iconic designations of origin such as Rioja or Ribera del Duero.

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How are the Tempranillo wines?

While commonly called Tempranillo, this boozy wine has many more names. Those examples are: Tempranillo wines represent the major grape for Spanish winemaking. This less known grape is the largest-cultivated grape in the whole of Spain and a key ingredient in numerous popular blends.

This Tempranillo grape variety stands out for the balance achieved in the wine. It contains moderate amounts of sugars and levels of acidity. These qualities make it a very versatile variety to combine with other grape varieties and produce great blended wines.

Full bodied red wines

Quality Tempranillo wines have a great personality of their own, reflecting all the care taken in both the cultivation of the vines and the winemaking processes to produce them. The Tempranillo wines usually highlight for their intense color, with the young reds showing purplish, mauve and bluish tones, bright and full of reflections. These colors evolve towards deep oranges, reds and garnets in the case of the more mature wines.

Most Rioja red wines are produced with Tempranillo grapes, this Tempranillo wine are synonymous with quality, recognized internationally . Ribera del Duero is also recognized for its Tempranillo reds.

Tell me the taste of Tempranillo wine?

As with many other global grape varieties, Tempranillo wine tastes a little different depending on the source of its origin. Nevertheless, every bottle has some common flavor differences. Tempranillo wine displays black fruit flavors like black berries and dry figs. However, the wine in Tempranillo has complex flavors that can be enjoyed in tangy flavors like tobacco and oak. This subtle flavor note comes from how Tempranillo wines have been aged in oak barrels. Tempranillo is an excellent grape that will age well. As better is the quality of the wine as longer we will be able to aged. Most of Tempranillo wines are aged from 1 year until 5 years before to be realize to the market.

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Where does Tempranillo grow?

Tempranillo grapes are grown in Spain while most are produced worldwide. It is a thin-kneaded red grape that grows in many historic Old World regions. The Tempranillo wine is also very small but very notable in New World regions, such as Australia. Tempranillo's major regional centers are Rioja DOC and Ribera del Duero. Although Portugal produces far less grape varieties of "Tempranillo" as compared to Spain, this grape remains the largest grape planted throughout whole Portugal.

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Tempranillo grapes

There are many different names for this grape, depending on the region such as Tempranilla, Tinto del pais, Tinta de toro, Tinto fino, Tinta de Madrid, Ull de Llebre o Cencibel.

Most Tempranillo grapes are red, with a characteristic bluish-black color. There is also the Tempranillo blanco variety, although it is less common.

Tempranillo is a red grape with a thick skin. It grows best at relatively high altitudes, like in Ribera del Duero region, but can also tolerate much milder climates.

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Tempranillo regions

It has strong roots in Spain and is translated as "little first one". The name came from growers who observed the habit of growing early. Several other stable partners include Garnacha (Grenache), their traditional blend partner from Spain. Almost all roses from La Rioja or Ribera has a Tempranillo on it.

These two regions, La Rioja and Ribera del Duero are the most important in the production of Spanish Tempranillo. Both regions can produce unique wines, Tempranillo de La Rioja or Ribera del Duero are different in flavors and characteristics because of their respective soils and climate.

How to Pair Tempranillo Wines?

Tempranillo can be easily paired with many different dishes. Because it has good flavor, low acidity and medium tannins it complements many dishes. Tempranillo offers delicious meat-filled meals as well as fresh salads and vegan treats. However older bottles have softer, dried dark fruit flavors and compliment intense flavors such as lamb shank. Young bottles are fresh and fruitier and are apt for lighter food.

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Food Pairings With Tempranillo Wine

Since tempranillo has delicious characteristics, they are suitable for different dishes. An excellent bottle aged Tempranillo can be used to serve steak or to serve burgers and steaks. The young Tempranillo wine however, blends well with cooked pasta and other pasta dishes.

Tempranillo from Ribera del Duero

Marta Maté is Ribera del Duero's revelation winery and wants to differentiate itself creating unique Ribera wines. They take the selection to the field and work throughout the year in the vineyards to ensure that more than 99% of the grapes that enter the winery pass the selection table and go on to winemaking. This is the only way to ensure that each bottle of their wines is a true red diamond of Ribera de Duero.

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Marta Maté wines are mostly Tempranillos of supreme quality, do you want examples of pairings with Marta Maté wines?

Marta Marté pairing perfect with Barbecue Ribs, because its a wine expressive and complex nose of flowers, minerals and black fruit harmonizes with subtle notes of figs and spices provided by the wood. Sweet attack in the mouth and pleasant acidity with velvety tactile sensations; eternal retro-nasal that makes identifying the vitality of this Ribera del Duero with a different touch.

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