The Grenache Grape - A Spanish Classic -

The Grenache Grape - A Spanish Classic

The Grenache grape is a classic Spanish variety that has been grown in Spain for centuries. This versatile grape is used to make a wide variety of wines, from dry reds to sweet fortified wines.

If you're a fan of red wine, then Grenache should definitely be on your radar. This delicious varietal is known for its bold, fruity flavor and its hints of spice. Whether you're enjoying a glass on its own or pairing it with your favorite meal, Grenache is a great choice for any wine lover. Here are a few tips on how to enjoy Grenache wine to its fullest.

Let's take a closer look at this popular grape variety.

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Grenache 101

The Grenache grape is a black Spanish variety that is believed to have originated in the Aragon region of Spain. This vigorous grapevine is tolerant of hot, dry conditions and produces large yields of high-quality fruit. The Grenache grape is used to make a wide variety of wines, including dry reds, rosés, and sweet fortified wines. It is also a key blending grape in many popular French and Spanish wines.

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There are two things that you'll notice right away when you pour yourself a glass of Grenache wine: its beautiful color and its high alcohol content. That's because Grenache grapes have thin skins, which means they don't hold on to color very well during fermentation. As a result, most Grenache wines are light-red or even rosé in color. And because these grapes don't have a lot of tannins, they need a longer fermentation process in order to reach their fullest potential—which also leads to higher alcohol levels.

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Taste of Grenache

Grenache is an international red grape variety. It possesses moderate tannins and acids and its wines are known to possess strong, spicy fruit flavours. In vineyards, grenache can be late ripe and quite high yield, so the grenache often needs considerable attention for its quality. Grenache has an excellent tolerance to winding environments and performs most well on hot, well-drained soils. Grnache has an extensive growing season with early ripening and early maturation which means that the grapes can produce wine with alcohols up to 15% / higher.

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The Grenache's higher amount of alcohol gives it an intense flavor with a moderately strong aroma. It is characterised by juicy red fruit punctuated with spice notes of cinnamon and violet floral aromas. Garnacha can be brewed in several varieties, including dry semi-sweet, and sweetness wines. The most common tasting note is: Grenache wines from old vines tend to exhibit more intense flavours and have earthy and herbaceous notes. This complexity can be found elsewhere in the Old world like the Côteaux of Rhone, or Sardinia.

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Food Pairings

Dry red Grenache wines are perfect for heartier fare like grilled meats and tomato-based dishes. Rosé Grenaches are lovely with lighter fare like salads and seafood. And sweet Grenache fortified wines are delicious when paired with dessert.

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Because of its light body and high acidity, Grenache also pairs well with a wide variety of foods. Try serving it with roasted chicken or grilled vegetables for a summery meal that will pair perfectly with your glass of Grenache. If you're looking for something heartier, try pairing it with lamb or beef dishes. And if you want to keep it simple, just enjoy your glass of Grenache on its own—it's delicious enough to stand on its own!

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Serving Temperature

When it comes to serving temperature, we recommend letting your bottle of Grenaque sit for about 20-30 minutes before opening. This will allow the wine to reach its ideal drinking temperature, which is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Once open, pour yourself a glass and enjoy!

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If you're looking to explore Spanish wine beyond Tempranillo and Rioja, then Grenache is a great option. This versatile grape variety can be used to make a wide range of wines, from dry reds to sweet fortified styles. And thanks to its easy-going personality, Grenache is the perfect grape for casual wine drinkers and experienced oenophiles alike.

Now that you know a little more about this delicious varietal, it's time to pour yourself a glass and enjoy. Keep these tips in mind next time you're at your favorite wine shop or restaurant and let Grenache take your taste buds on a journey.

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