Three wines for summer -

Three wines for summer

When we think of summer we think of hot weather, beach, swimming pool, fun and... cool wines.

The best friend of a hot summer is undoubtedly light wines, easy to drink and with low alcohol content. Rosé and white wines are perfect for summer, they are light, fresh and often fruity wines. We like these wines more in summer because they contain fewer calories and the fact that their drink is much more refreshing than a red wine, besides drinking them at a cooler temperature.

With this we do not mean that you can't drink red wines, most people in summer will prefer a soft and refreshing wine such as white and rosé. But a young red wine can also be a very good choice.

The question is, which wine to choose? And the fact is that in the market we can find a great offer in this sense. And, of course, not all white wines offered to us are of high quality or have the same characteristics.

So that you can choose a white or rosé wine for the summer, we have written this article in which we want to tell you our favorites and some very special pairings.

Dare with one of these summer wines and travel to Spain through the senses without leaving your home.

Spanish White wines

There are hundreds of delicious white wines for summer, fruity, fresh wines, with little acidity. Spanish white wines are the best option for this season, you can find a great white grape variety, like godello, albariño, macabeo, garnacha blanca, verdejo, viura, including tempranillo blanco.

There are also incredible D.O.'s that produce white wine. Some of these D.O.'s are Rías Baixas in Galicia, Rueda, Jumilla or Alicante.

These Spanish wines have very different tastes and flavors like citrus notes, green apple, pineapple, grapefruit, stone fruit, depends on the grape varieties.

White wine for Summer

Our favorite white wine is undoubtedly the Vergel Blanco from Bodegas Pinoso, a perfect white blend with Airen and Sauvignon Blanc grapes.

With intense aromas of ripe fruit (peach, apricot, guava),  white flowers and spices (ginger, white pepper) and hint of butter. Powerful,  sweet and broad. An elegant wine, traditional and modern at the same time.

This wine will be the unforgettable wine of the summer for you and your friends.

Pairing for Spanish white wine

There are hundreds of dishes with which to pair special Spanish white wine. But today we are going to bet on an innovative recipe, do you dare?

The pairing we offer with this Spanish white wine is tomato, basil and pine nuts tortellini with caramelized onion sauce. The mild flavor of this dish is perfect for a fruity white wine.

This Spanish white wine pairs perfectly with all types of pasta and white meat or fish. In addition to all this, as a vegan wine, it combines perfectly with the suggested recipe, for all vegans and those who want to discover new flavors.

Spanish Rosé wines

The king of summer is undoubtedly rosé Spanish wine, with aromas of tropical fruit. Bodegas Pinoso has the best wines for summer, refreshing and delicious.

This wine has always been the wine of choice in summer along with white wine. But in the last few years rosé wine has become fashionable and is not missing in any restaurant and hopefully in any fridge.

They are very versatile wines that can be drunk at any time of the day, either with food or alone. It is easy to drink and very refreshing.

Rosé wine for Summer

The rosé wine we recommend is translucent pink with blue and purplish hints. Expressive, aromas of  strawberries, raspberries, melon which develop themselves in a range of  exotic fruits. Mild, fresh, elegant and tasty with a long and pleasant finish.

This modern organic rosé wine is adequate for wine lovers who love to try new things, due to  its personality and incomparable tasted. The exclusivity of a grape variety  Monastrell offers a daring, elegant wine full of freshness and vivacity, it  presumes on being different, unique and authentic.

Together with the Spanish white wine, this rosé is a sure hit. Perfect for brunch with friends and family.

Pairing for Spanish rosé wine

Like the Spanish white wine we recommend, this Spanish rosé wine is also vegan. You can pair it with fish, seafood or white meat but we want to go one step further.

This rose wine has a lot of personality so we propose a recipe with a mild flavor that complements the wine, besides being a cool recipe for the summer.

Our perfect recipe to pair with Vergel rosé is zucchini spaghetti with cherry and avocado sauce.

Red Wine for summer

Although with the summer heat the body cries out for a cool white wine, there are also red wines that are perfect to be enjoyed in this summer period.

Summer is for cold drinks. Bubbles, white wines and rosés also gain prominence as temperatures start to rise, but what about reds when the sun shines? They can be just as appetizing. You just have to know how to choose them.

Vergel Red is a perfect young wine for this season. Very fruity with notes of red and black fruits mixed with  sweet aromas of flowers. Round, warm, easy to drink with a good final and  pleasant aftertaste.

Pairing Spanish red wine

One of the most appetizing and tasty dishes is steak tartar, steak tartare or beef tartare, made with raw beef minced in very small cubes often garnished with capers, pickles, mustard, mayonnaise, Perris sauce and freshly ground black pepper.

It is a perfect dish to enjoy with this young red wine in summer.

White wines and rose wines are best option for summer, but don't forget the young red wines. There are many different D.O.'s, different wines like white rioja and lots of grapes like garnacha blanca. But these organic and vegan wines have a very special taste, and they are perfect for summer because they are very light and refreshing.

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