Trends in the wine world for 2023

Trends in the wine world for 2023

Whether you are an oenophile or a casual wine drinker, it’s always exciting to keep up with what’s new and trending in the wine world. After all, trends come and go, but one thing that remains constant is our love for a good glass of vino. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what’s popping in the wine world for 2023!

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Orange wines

Want to try something different? Orange wines are the unexpected twist on a classic wine. These are white wines that are made following red wine production processes: without removing the skins, so that the must is colored by the skin itself.

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With an array of colors from golden yellow to vibrant orange, each bottle offers unique aromas—from floral notes to smoky or spicy flavors—that'll tantalize your taste buds!

Fresher wines

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Spanish red wines have long been renowned for their bold flavors, where oak aging would previal over aromas and the taste of fruit. However, more recently a new trend has emerged; one that seeks to emphasize freshness and the unique character of what initially went into making these bottles - namely fruits!

Sustainability, environment and veganism

The concern for the environment and sustainability prevailing among consumers has also reached the world of wine. Although this is not a recent trend, it is true that it is taking hold, becoming part of consumers' consumption habits and purchasing criteria.

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The search for organic wines, energy self-sufficient wineries, carbon footprint reduction, sustainable packaging, recycled materials, environmental or vegan certifications... Wineries have to adapt to these customer requirements if they do not want to be left behind in the market.

Enotourism will reach to the Metaverse

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2023 might just be the year of Metaverse magic! Get ready to ooh and ahh over ambient virtual wineries - because this is one future reality we can all get behind. As the definitive playing field takes shape, prepare for an awe-inspiring universe where dreams come true.

Reduction of alcohol content

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Wine has been in a long-standing battle to reduce alcohol content, and though individual wineries have had varying levels of success with their efforts, customers are clamoring for wines that still provide full flavor but boast less of an ABV. It's not just the vintners who want this change - many D.O.'s are also on board for creating healthier products with lower alcoholic contents! Seems like spirits continue to be high when it comes tackling these types of initiatives.

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This is just the beginning of all the good things that await us this year in the world of wine.

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2023 is sure to bring plenty of exciting developments in the world of wine! Whether you’re looking for innovative technology or new flavors to try, there’s something out there for everyone—including those who prefer traditional styles too. Wineries are continuing to find ways to improve their products while minimizing their environmental impact—something all wine lovers can appreciate! Get ready; 2023 is going to be epic!

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