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Vegan wines, are all wines vegan?

Maybe you have never thought about it, but are all wines vegan? Many people would answer with a resounding yes to this question because we are talking about wine, i.e. fermented grape juice. How could it not be vegan? Well, here we are going to tell you, because NO, not all wines are vegan.

Vegan friendly sauvignon blanc


The moment when wine sometimes ceases to be vegan is the vinification or clarification of wine. This is the process to which the wine is subjected to clean it and eliminate impurities that may cloud it in the step prior to bottling.

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In non-vegan wines, casein (a protein derived from milk), gelatin (obtained from animal cartilage, almost always from fish), or the so-called ichthyocolla (obtained from the swim bladder of some fish) are used in the vinification process. In other words, products from different animals, which make wine unsuitable for vegans.

Good news, vegan wines do exist!

More and more wineries are starting to produce vegan wines. How is this possible? So easy, there are two options, the first one is to skip the winemaking process, so the wine would not be exposed to animal products. But there is a second option, to submit the wine to the process, but with a product of vegetable or mineral origin.

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These fining agents are proteins extracted from foods such as wheat, potatoes or peas. But undoubtedly the most widely used fining agent is Bentonite, of mineral origin. It is a clay powder that is also used to remove impurities from wines and is normally used in the production of white wines.

Best spanish vegan and organic wines

And now that this topic is clear, the best part is, do you feel like trying vegan wines? Here are our recommendations of vegan, organic and of course Spanish wines.

vegan wine cabernet sauvignon

There are vegan wines for all tastes, whether you are more of a red, white or rosé wine, your safe bet will be to try one of these wines.

This three wines will leave no one indifferent, there are uniques wines, one red, one white and other rose which have in common their elegance, fruity flavor and floral aromas.

These three Alicante wines from Bodegas Pinoso are a festival of flavors that you won't want to miss.

Vergel White and Vergel Rosé

pinot noir wine is vegan

Two elegant, modern and fruity wines, as well as vegan and organic. Perfect for any party plan or relaxing with friends.

Buy Vergel White

Buy Vergel Rosé

Flos de Pinoso

This wine is one of the most special of the Pinoso winery. A monastrell wine, aged for 3 months in new French and American oak barrels. It's brilliant dark red ruby color with a violet border. On the nose has intensive red fruits, forest fruit and aromas of coffee in the background with a touch of spice vanilla. It has a ripe and well-balanced tannins with long aftertaste.

vegan friendly

Buy Flos de Pinoso

Vegan wines are very interesting and a perfect choice for those who follow a vegan diet, but also for those who want to explore new wines. And these are just a part of the vegan wines we have, if you want to know more do not hesitate to follow us on Instagram and  Facebook.

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