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Welcome to Tasters, the best boutique wines from Spain

Hi wine lovers! Welcome to Tasters 🍷

We are very happy to tell you that we are starting a new stage, many changes are coming and we are very excited to tell you everything. But for now let's start by introducing ourselves.

Spanish wine

Tasters: Spanish Wine

Tasters seeks to bring Spain to American homes, through a common passion, wine. With the perfect blend of tradition and innovation, the small wineries we work with are surpassing themselves every day in quality and personality. 

Spanish wine regions gran reserva
Our Spanish wines are a unique experience that transmits the care and affection with which each grape is cultivated and later bottled. We give importance to the care of the environment so we are committed to organic, biodynamic and vegan wines. 

We arrived to the United States with the clear intention of revolutionizing the world of wine and creating a space specialized in Boutique Spanish wine, where you will never stop innovating, learning and tasting. 

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Our wineries: Spanish Wine Regions

We would like to introduce you to our wineries, each one of them has something special and completely unique wines.

Spanish wine la mancha
All our wineries have a common factor, years of tradition and a desire to innovate. They are wineries that every day revolutionize the wine sector and bring great wines to the Spanish and international market, authentic jewels that are worth enjoying.

Bodega Cerrón

Bodega Cerrón is located in the wine region of Jumilla, and is characterized by the elaboration of its Spanish wines in an organic and biodynamic way. A winery with a great family tradition, produces red and white Spanish wines of the best quality and in harmony with the environment.

vino de la tierra la mancha

Spanish Wines of Bodegas Cerrón, Jumilla

The wines of Bodega Cerrón are made using organic grapes from their single estate vineyards in the village of Fuente Alamo in the south-east of Spain. They follow organic practices and the best techniques to obtain the best quality wines as possible.

Their passion for the wine industry pushes them to create high quality wines using the biodynamic process, in order to achieve unique wines in flavor and style.

Denominación de origen calificada

Most wines of Bodegas Cerrón are Spanish red wine, full bodied and with grapes variety such a Monastrell, Petit Verdot, Merlot, Cencibel, Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah. If you have never tasted a glass of one of their wines, it is time to try it.

Although most of their wines are reds, we cannot forget their white variety, especially their white wine Chardonnay. A beautiful wine with golden color with smoky and toast flavors. A special Chardonnay that you will not forget.

Marta Maté, Ribera del Duero

Bodegas Marta Maté, located in Tubilla del Lago, near to Aranda de Duero, in the wine region of Ribera del Duero.

This winery of Ribera de Duero wants to differentiate itself creating unique Ribera wines. They take the selection to the field and work throughout the year in the vineyards to ensure that more than 99% of the grapes that enter the winery pass the selection table and go on to winemaking. This is the only way to ensure that each bottle of their wines is a true red diamond of Ribera de Duero.

To achieve this, they are based on three fundamental pillars: a privileged location, a commitment to biodiversity and minimal oenological intervention. 

Spanish wine ribera del duero

Spanish Wines of Marta Maté

Marta Maté's Spanish red wines are extraordinary, mostly made from Tempranillo grapes. Common in the Ribera del Duero wine region. But they stand out for are very expressive and complex wines, made with organic grapes. They have from young Spanish wine to Gran Reserva of the best quality.

Tasting Marta Maté's wines is truly an experience that brings you closer to Spain and its culture.

La rioja tempranillo gran reserva

Bodegas Pinoso, Alicante

 Wine production

Bodegas Pinoso from Alicante D.O, just less than 2 hours away from Valencia city, have a great quality wines, rising as one of the best wineries of the Community of Valencia region. Unique wine style and the long and proud tradition are its seal of confidence and quality.

This winery is a reflection of the team spirit, transparency, responsibility and constant innovation to produce the finest wines for wine lovers in this wine region.

Spanish Wines of Bodegas Pinoso

 Wine tasting

In Bodegas Pinoso you can find delicious white, rosé and red Spanish wines. Organic and vegan wines of the best quality. These wines will undoubtedly be your best ally for summer, fruity and refreshing.

Round Table

Spanish wine cataluña

Round Table is an entrepreneurial and independent project. The Round Table wines proposes an experience to the consumer, beyond a good product. It is a wine aimed at a public that wants to share and have a good time with wine, with a different style of labels that gives a lot of play.

Claiming the social role of wine, to have a good time and have good conversations, and that it is not necessary to be an expert to enjoy it. Following this philosophy, each bottle contains a random topic of conversation, which is discovered by scratching the label. Weird dreams, hobbies or open couples are some of them.

white wines

Stay tuned because very soon we will tell you more about Round Table experience, best wines for the most daring wine lovers. We are sure you will love it and your guests even more.

We are committed to offer the best wine and the best experience to all wine lovers, offering the best wines for every occasion. If you are daring, love wine, always innovating, don't think twice, get out of the box, Tasters is for you.

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