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Wine and fast food, match?

Many people might shake their heads if we tell them that we are going to eat fast food with a good wine. But why? Wine is so versatile that it is difficult to find a food that does not go well with it. And it must also be said that there is quality fast food that deserves a wine at its level.

Vegan friendly sauvignon blanc

If you have not yet had the courage to make a good pairing of fast food and your favorite wine, keep reading, we are going to surprise you.

Food and wine pairings

Food and wine pairings is a big topic in the world of wine and not many people dare to take the step of pairing fast food and wine.

Fast food and a glass of vino can be a match made in heaven, so a bit of forward-thinking and planning when it comes to your wine pairing is essential.

Chicken sandwich pair well bottle

Noodles with chicken and vegetables with White Remordimiento

Go for a daring pairing, complement the sweet, sour, salty and fatty flavors with a fresh and stimulating white wine that will make you enjoy your noodles like never before.

french fries red wine Mcdonald's big mac

White Remordimiento is a chardonnay, it is crystal-clear with a tone of straw colour yellow, this varietal white wine overflows with fruity aromas and intense toasty and smoky notes, characteristic of its fermentation in oak barrels. Smooth to the palate, this fresh and flavorful wine has reached flawless balance and equilibrium.

burger pair champagne sommelier

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Tacos and Burritos with Vergel Rosé

If someone tells me that burritos and tacos do not pair with wine, it is because they have not yet tried it with our Vergel Rosé. The spicy, spicy and intense flavors are perfectly complemented by the fruity and light aromas that bring freshness.

taco bell sauvignon blanc

This modern organic rosé wine is adequate for lovers of new things due to its personality and incomparable tasted. The exclusivity of a grape variety Monastrell offers a daring, elegant wine full of freshness and vivacity, it presumes on being different, unique and authentic.

taco bell sauvignon blanc

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Pizza with El Holgazán

Pizza and wine? Absolutely yes. There are hundreds of pizzas so choosing just one wine for all the pizzas that can be created is complicated but if we have to choose just one pizza and one wine, we have it clear. Vegetarian pizza with El Holgazán. Pairs also perfectly with a good plate of spaghetti.

Sparkling wine pairing

El Holgazán is a very aromatic and intense wine on the nose, perfumed and with aromas of red fruit at the point of optimum ripeness, in which the varietal typicity vibrates (licorice and balsamic herbs) together with hints of dry flowers.

On the palate it is easy and fresh, with a medium body, a tasty fruit and great acidity, wrapped with the spices of its aging in wood.

Sparkling wine pairing

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Hamburger with Flos de Pinoso

Thinks about a great hamburger with a good meat, lots of cheese and all the toppings you can imagine, how not to accompany it with a young red blend, we just imagine it makes us hungry.

french fries red wine panda express

Flos de Pinoso is brilliant dark red ruby color with a violet border. On the nose has intensive red fruits, forest fruit and aromas of coffee in the background with a touch of spice vanilla. It has a ripe and well-balanced tannins with long aftertaste.

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Also Flos de Pinoso is the wine of the month in September and has a 10% discount, don't miss it!

french fries red wine panda express

Veggie Burger with vegan Spanish wines

Bodegas Pinoso belongs to the wine region of Alicante, a denominación de origen of Spain’s wine. Located in the south east of Spain, not far from the east area of Castilla la Mancha. They produce a good quality wine, very approachable, light and aromatics. They are specialize in producing organic and vegan wines.

wine pairings sauvignon blanc

There are thousands of recipes and ingredients with which you can put together a good vegan burger. We propose one pairing with vegan burger and vegan wine.

Beyond Burger with a vegan red blend wine

Beyond meat is a plant based protein that is very similar in taste and texture to meat. It is delicious to make a good veggie burger.

Many people think that a vegan burger will be boring but they are wrong, you can make a delicious vegan burger with vegan cheese and vegan bacon and add tomato and lettuce.

This burger pairs perfectly with a vegan red blend wine, Vergel red. This wine is an oak wine, medium body, fruity, soft tannins and smooth finish.

red wine cabernet flavor

Vergel red is vibrant red colour denotes youth together with a brilliant violet border clean and of a medium intensity. Very fruity with notes of red and black fruits mixed with sweet aromas of flowers. Round, warm, easy to drink with a good final and pleasant aftertaste.

This dishes will become one of your favorite if you are vegan, if you looking for a healthy lunch or if you want to try something different.

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What do you think? Would you like to try the perfect pairing between fast food and wine? We assure you that once you try it, they will become inseparable.

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