Wine stopper made of cork synthetic or screw cap?

Wine stopper made of cork synthetic or screw cap?

When it comes to preserving your beloved bottle of wine, there are multiple choices. Which one is the best? Is it cork, synthetic or screw-cap? Each has its own pros and cons and it can be difficult to decide which option is right for you. Let’s break down each type of stopper and debate the merits of each.

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The most commonly wine stopper nowadays are made of cork, synthetic and screw-Cap. Each of the stoppers can have its pros and cons.

Is a wine better just because it has a cork stopper? The answer is NO, it all depends on the wine. Each stopper brings something different to the wine.

Cork stopper (natural cork)

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The classic cork stopper has been around since the beginning of time. It has a certain vintage charm that adds to the vibe when opening a bottle of wine. However, besides being aesthetically pleasing, cork stoppers may not be the most reliable choice. While they look great, they can easily become porous over time and let in air, leading to oxidation and an unpleasant taste in your wine. On top of that, cork stoppers can easily break off inside the bottle if handled roughly when opening or closing the bottle.

On the one hand, the cork stopper is beneficial for the conservation of wine for long periods of time because it prevents oxygen from penetrating. The elasticity of this material makes it adapt perfectly to the neck of the bottle and the slight temperature variations that may occur.

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On the other hand, there is the tradition and esthetics factor. Cork has been used for decades and especially in Old World Wines where they are reticent to change it for other types of cork stoppers.

Synthetic Stopper

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The synthetic stoppers are designed to try to copy the advantages of cork stoppers. Some of the advantages are that the designs can vary more in colors, formats and drawings, as well as being more economical than cork. And as a big disadvantage we find that these stoppers are not biodegradable.

Screw Caps

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This stopper is completely airtight and very economical. Some time ago it was considered that wines with this stopper were of lower quality but this is completely different from reality. Some high quality wines have this type of stopper but they are always wines for early consumption.

These stoppers are widely used in areas such as Australia, New Zealand, England and the United States.

As you can see, tradition also influence at the time of choosing a stopper for wine made of cork, synthetic or screw-Cap.

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When it comes down to it, it's all about personal preference when selecting a wine stopper; however, if you want a long-lasting seal on your favorite wines then screw caps are probably your best bet! For those who want something more aesthetically pleasing then perhaps traditional cork or synthetic options should be considered instead - though bear in mind that these may not last quite as long as screw caps would due to their porosity! Ultimately what matters most is enjoying your chosen vintage - no matter which type of stopper you choose!

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