Wines with history from Spain, Jumilla wine region

Wines with history from Spain, Jumilla wine region

If you’re searching for something a little different to add to your holiday festivities this year, look no further than Jumilla wine. This Spanish wine has been delighting palates of wine lovers across the world and is sure to bring some much-needed cheer to your celebrations. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this special wine region, so unique!

red wine from jumilla

We are going to present you some very special wines with a lot of history, perfect for Christmas.

An Overview of Jumilla Wine

Jumilla is situated in the southeastern corner of Spain, and its climate provides the perfect conditions for growing grapes used in making high-quality red wines. The most popular type of grape used in Jumilla wine is Monastrell, which gives it its signature deep ruby color and full-bodied taste. The rest of the ingredients include Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Garnacha Tintorera, and Tempranillo. All of these grapes come together to create a truly unique flavor profile that will tantalize your taste buds!

white wine monastrell from la mancha spain

The History of Jumilla Wine

Jumilla has been producing quality wines since ancient times and has even been mentioned in texts dating back to the 15th century! The region's winemaking traditions have been passed down through generations and today it produces some of Spain's finest reds. In fact, it was recently granted Denominación de Origen status, which means that only wines produced within this region can carry the label “Jumilla”.

Jumilla wines from Bodegas Cerrón

Bodega Cerrón is an illustrious four-generation winemaking family dedicated to crafting world-class biodynamic and organic wines. Their grapes are exclusively sourced from a single estate vineyard in the picturesque Fuente Alamo village of Spain, where their eco-friendly practices promise nothing less than vintages for all occasions - no matter how special!

bodegas jumilla's town visit

This winery speaks of a land that has been cared for and respected generation after generation. With the responsibility of continuing a century-old winemaking legacy.

Remordimiento white

If there is something characteristic of this winery, it is its labels and the story they tell through them. Old photos of the family are the label of their wines that represent the winemaking tradition in his family and the effort they put into their production.

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It's a Chardonnay 100%, crystal-clear white wine has a straw-yellow hue and is overflowing with fruity aromas. But what sets it apart is its intense toasty and smoky notes, which come from its fermentation in oak barrels. It's smooth to the palate and has a fresh, flavorful taste that is perfectly balanced. In other words, it's exactly what you need this christmas.

El Tiempo que nos Une

This wine, whose name in English means the time that unites us, represents the union through wine of family and friends. How many celebrations begin like this? with a bottle of wine and your loved ones around a table to share the most valuable thing we have, time.

wine region jumilla d.o terroir

This Merlot is full of black fruit aromas, reminiscent of blackberries and plums, with a spicy, balsamic background. The taste is balanced, smooth, and light, with harmonious soft tannins and a long finish.

So this Christmas pop open a bottle of El Tiempo que nos une and enjoy the time you have together!

El Sentido de la Vida

This wine was created by the winery as a tribute to his paternal grandmother, who occupies the front of the label, as well as to all women. A tribute to all the strong women around us.

monastrell grape from murcia vineyards

El Sentido de la Vida is composed of 85% Monastrell and 15% red Grenache, which adds freshness and length to the wine. On the palate there is more depth and tension being wines with high aging capacity. It is an organic and biodynamic wine, made from old vines.

For those looking to try something new this holiday season, turn your attention towards Jumilla wine. Its bold flavor profile and rich history make it an ideal option for celebrating with friends and family alike!

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