Spanish wine of the month: Round Table Red

Spanish wine of the month: Round Table Red

As every month we bring you a new wine that will surprise you, in this case more than a wine it is an experience. A wine that tries to bring people together and enjoy time with the people you share wine, laughter and life.

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Round Table Red Wine

If you're looking for a wine that's guaranteed to get the party started, look no further than Round Table Red.

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This delicious Spanish red is packed with intense fruit flavors, making it the perfect choice for sharing with friends. And with its smooth, easy-drinking style, it's sure to please everyone in attendance. But that's not all that makes Round Table Red so special. Just scratch the orange circle on the label and you'll be treated to a whole new level of flavor and fun.

So don't wait any longer, grab a bottle of Round Table Red and let the good times flow.

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Celebrate February with wine

February is a month to celebrate love, love for your partner, your friends, your family and of course with wine. But don't forget your self-love, dedicate quality time to yourself and enjoy your company.

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San Valentin Day

Ah, San Valentin Day. Whether you plan on celebrating it with a significant other or just yourself, it’s the perfect time to break out the wine and raise a glass (or two!). But which bottle should you pick?

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If you are looking for the best plan to surprise on Valentine's Day do not hesitate, Round Table will make an unforgettable date.

Round Table Experience

Catalonia wine have an incredible taste and quality. But the Round Table experience doesn't talk about wine. Wine is the perfect excuse to gather at a table with your friends and spend some time enjoying and talking about the best topics you can imagine.

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Round table is much more than a wine, it is a whole experience: uncork the bottle, scratch the label and start enjoying. Round Table wine tastings are also a very fun experience where besides tasting the wonderful wines you will spend an incredible time with the other participants of the tasting and with us.

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Do you want to surprise your partner or a friend with the best gift? Don't forget that we have gift cards perfect for these occasions. 

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Spanish boutique wines are the best gift you can give, wine is moments shared around a table, any time is good but valentine's day is the perfect excuse to surprise. 

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