Wine of the month: Flos de Pinoso (Alicante wines region) -

Wine of the month: Flos de Pinoso (Alicante wines region)

Welcome September! The return to the routine begins, but the heat and the desire to enjoy continues and the wine of this month will surprise you, we are so sure.

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Flos de Pinoso is the best wine to start September, a delicious wine, easy to drink and that goes well with any plan.

Alicante, a region of south-eastern Spain, has an incredible diversity of wines and climates. With both ocean and mountain-ranges, the producers of the area have seemingly endless room for wine-experimenting.

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Located in Southern Spain, the tiny but huge region is known for its incredible selection of white, rosé and red wines. Although its winemaking history has spanned the centuries, Alicante has an unrelenting reputation. Given that grapevines are highly yielding, the region is once regarded as a large producer of a wide range of wines. The region is now regarded however as an excellent source of wine ranging from complexity to character.

Bodegas Pinoso, Alicante wines regions

The union and the effort of the founders of Bodegas Pinoso made this winery to be recognized for the quality of its wines. Therefore, in successive years, many farmers wanted to join the cooperative, and in 1969 and 1974 two expansions were made to process the grapes of all interested farmers. It became the most important winery in the province of Alicante with 650 members. At the end of the 90's the winery started to change its quality policy to improve its bottled wines starting at the same time the first plots certified in organic agriculture.

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Since then Bodegas Pinoso has not ceased to invest in new technologies and qualified personnel, in order to carry out the ambitious project of a whole town, to become a world reference winery.

Flos de Pinoso, Alicante wine

Flos de Pinoso is a red bend between Monastrell 80% and Syrah 20%. From de wine region Vino de Alicante. Aged for 3 months in new French and American oak barrels.

Stands out for being brilliant dark red ruby color with a violet border. On the nose has intensive red fruits, forest fruit and aromas of coffee in the background with a touch of spice vanilla. It has a ripe and well-balanced tannins with long aftertaste.

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¿The perfect pair? You can taste it with grilled vegetables, charcuterie and cheeses.

Monastrell is the indigenous variety of Alicante region shares the space with mythical Syrah. Each variety is produced separately with indigenous yeasts in order to obtain maximum quality of each one. Second fermentation takes place in new French and American oak barrels to contribute a special hint to the wine that makes it so different.

16th century

The wisdom of the years and the passage of time in the old Monastrell vines speak to us of wines that faithfully represent their environment, the area where they were born. A faithful reflection of the effort made for decades by our farmers, our hands, our friends.

If you haven't yet tasted the Spanish wine of the month, don't wait any longer. This is your chance, and also to start September on the right foot you have a 10% discount in Flos de Pinoso the perfect blend for September.


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